About Me

Hi. My name is Jocelyn. Aka Jelly.

I live in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, affectionately referred to as “The Valley”. I’m just another Cali Valley girl trekking through her mid-twenties and trying to cause trouble, but not too much.

I’m a constantly curious, frequently emotional and occasionally funny type of gal. This is what I look like when I’m pouting:

Age 2

The angelic one on the left is my sister Paige. The demonic one on the right is me!

Age 25


I used to work in the entertainment industry, where I scheduled meetings and greetings between the bigwigs of Hollywood. I started this blog as an outlet from my current job, working as the creative director/bookkeeper/tax planner/customer relations/photographer/administrator/everything woman for my Dad’s internet marketing company. I spend most of my day on the computer.

Since I don’t have access to Tom Cruise’s home address and dietary restrictions like I did in my past job, I needed to explore my creativity elsewhere. Enter The Jelly Logs. Now I have a place to share the crazy little stories I used to write to myself, but now I write and share with you! The World Wide Web!

And just to clarify: No, I do not nor ever did have access to Tom Cruise’s home address (he wasn’t one of my boss’s clients), so you’re better served buying one of those star maps on Sunset if you really want to know where he lives.

I hope you don’t find this site too offensive or dumb, although I can’t promise anything. I’m just another Cali Valley girl after all. Stick around and we’ll have some fun!