Monday, July 12, 2010

The Business of Being Busy

I’m having one of those days where I look at the calendar, see half of the date boxes crossed through and think “Holy moly July 12th! How is it July 12th?” (I just wrote that as June 12th and had to correct it, BECAUSE IT’S JULY not June. See the theme?).

I think I got lost in the time warp somewhere between engagement photo session with my fiancé (imagine a crazy bride-to-be high on viewing hundreds of professional engagement photos, a dusty, hot mountain top setting, a father/photographer with his own agenda and FLIESx100), the 4th of July holiday weekend (picture a BBQ, cocktails and a sandy beach), and the subsequent void left by my lovies out-of-town work trip. Good news is the Lovies came back and engagement party invites will include the photo above. How’s that for being productive!

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