Thursday, July 1, 2010

Him + Me

This is the happy couple. A week ago, they were a happy couple that went about their business watering the garden, folding the laundry, paying the bills and enjoying a weeknight movie just like any other couple. That was until a Friday night bike ride ended with a proposal of sorts. Hmm, it actually wasn’t a “proposal of sorts”. It was in fact a PROPOSAL!! Holy June bugs!

Now one half of the happy couple is slowly driving herself insane by looking at thousands of wedding photos, because you know what? She did not anticipate aforementioned PROPOSAL, and now feels light years behind schedule, especially considering that most girls have been planning their wedding since the age of 5.

Yet look how happy she is in the photo. She gets to spend the rest of her life with that guy. And not much has really changed. Their love remains … as does his attachment to the cell phone.

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