Friday, February 5, 2010


I am a revolutionary. I ask: what is the point of living if you are not able to live the way you want? The earth has been fashioned out the stars to become the place we call home. We make the rules; we are not to be controlled by government created by zombie bureaucrats that have had their brains molded into static piles of mush. I am an animal with animal instincts. I need to eat, sleep and love. I have to fight for my place in this world using my cunning and intellect. I will sleep in the desert, traverse the rain forest, bleed in the mountains for my cause. This is only the beginning of an eruption so powerful it will shake the existence you have become so accustomed to. Take heed and be prepared for the change that lies ahead. It is ever so necessary. I will speak of my own experiences; a vivid testimony to the state of living today.

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