Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Will Power

Today, while on my 3 mile run, the pain became so exceedingly unbearable that I had to think of ways to distract and motivate myself to finish - without walking. I decided it would be beneficial to compare myself to a cow. First, I would choose two letters to start the words which would describe the differences between me and a cow. Then, I would use these differences to enhance my will power, because if I succumbed to the pain and stopped running, I would have as much worth and stamina as a cow. And I definitely don’t want that to be the case.

MO – I am motivated. A cow is a moron and says moo.
DE – I am deliberate, determined. A cow is defenseless and delicious.
FO – I am focused. A cow is a fool.

And after coming up with these insightful comparisons, I tried to remember them as my body was sucking all the oxygen out of my brain. It’s very hard to remember useless comparisons, which you have just made up on the spot, while running. Believe me. But, it did make the time go faster, in a uniquely different yet equally painful way.

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