Monday, October 18, 2010

Peeves, continued

It’s a rainy Monday afternoon and it just occurred to me that I didn’t finish my previous discussion on pet peeves. That part about a high efficiency washer and dryer - how do I deal with that? I carefully pack all my dirty laundry into a bright blue duffle bag; I drive to work (which also happens to be my parent’s house) at 6:45am; when I arrive at work I load my clothes into my parent’s Kenmore high efficiency washer; on my 9am “coffee break” I transfer clothes into the Kenmore high efficiency dryer; then during my 12:30pm lunch break, I fold and repack clothes for their trip back home. It’s a surprisingly convenient arrangement, and one I completed this very morning.
Even if my Lovies offers to throw some of my clothes in with a wash he’s doing, I politely decline and say I don’t have anything to add (even if there’s a monster pile in my hamper). Beyond the high efficiency situation, the other-person’s-dirty-clothes-canoodling-with-mine issue has always given me pause. But maybe one day I will have a high efficiency washer/dryer combo of my own, and maybe one day I will realize that love has no boundaries and allow my clothes to canoodle with his, but until then, let the pet peeves prosper!

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