Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Marriage: The Ultimate Stapler

I had this thought the other day, about marriage being the ultimate stapler, and I think the idea is best conveyed via a little illustration. So there we have it.

I think it's a very fitting analogy on so many levels. First, you've got to fill out paperwork if you want to get married; that's unavoidable. And staplers are really helpful when trying to keep your paperwork organized.

Second, staples are made out of metal, and the most symbolic element of marriage, wedding rings, are also made out of metal (for the most part. The errant nature enthusiast might get theirs made out of hemp).

Third, if you staple your hands together, you're probably going to draw blood, which can symbolize the union of two people sharing their mind, body and soul with each other.

And lastly, marriage is permanent, just like staples. Until you use a staple remover, but I'm saving that thought for my next doodle entitled "Divorce Lawyers: The Staple Remover". Stay tuned for that one.

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