Monday, February 28, 2011

The Message in the Details

This may look like an ordinary street to you. It does to me. It happens to be a street I drive down every day on my way to work. It’s not a very attractive street. The Valley’s weird like that. On one part of town you’ll see streets lined with beautiful homes and fancy shops, and on another part of town you’ll see more commercial streets with strip malls and trashy store fronts.

The reason I’m posting this photo is because there’s something special hidden in the details. Some people believe the Universe sends them coded messages; answers to the questions they struggle with in daily life. In my case, I would like to applaud the Universe for having such impeccable timing.

Yes, Judgment Day is coming on May 21st. Although I'm not sure I need to cry out for God's mercy at my wedding. But I'm guessing Family Radio 1280 had something else in mind when they posted these billboards all over town.

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