Friday, November 19, 2010

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I used to work in the entertainment industry. More specifically, I was one of two assistants to a motion picture literary agent with A-list clientele (I'll save the name dropping for another time). I was freshly out of college and it was my first "big girl" job. I had always wanted to work in the entertainment industry and spent many of my college years completing internships to build my resume. It was only logical to send my resume to the biggest studios, agencies and production companies in town once I graduated with a degree in International Development Studies. What does it mean to have a degree in International Development Studies? I could, theoretically, tell you something about Africa, something about dictatorships, war, famine, socio-economic-political inequality… and ya, stuff like that. How is it logical that obtaining such a degree would qualify me to work in the entertainment industry? It isn't and it doesn't. But when you say you have a degree in "International Development Studies" it sounds like "I am so smart and compassionate that I am qualified to do anything, even run for President; and no I do not have the time to explain what my degree means because I am too busy feeding starving African babies. Thank you."

In hindsight, that August and the year that followed would change my whole outlook on life. No longer was I a wistless college student who complained about people demanding too much of her; now I had to juggle the responsibilities of a real job with people whose demands ALWAYS became the priority:

"Bikini wax appointments should never be made when someone is on their period! You're supposed to know these things! It's your job! Reschedule it now!" (whew, just needed to get that out)

It makes me laugh to realize how naïve I was before starting this job. Here's what I mean:
August 18, 2007
Dear Friend,
Guess what! I'm going to be working as an assistant for a senior motion picture literary agent at one of the biggest agencies in town! She basically has the job that I have only dreamt about; coordinating writers and directors (her clients) to the funding, studios and other key components to see that these people's movies get made. She also pulls her talent/clients from the international market as she is constantly attending film festivals. Well, that's what I've been told so far, as my first day will be Monday. Exciting isn't it?

Oh, Jocelyn. You really had no idea what was in store for you. Silly you.

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