Monday, March 7, 2011

Come Sit on Our Porch: Rolling Thunder Edition

Well what do we have here?

Did you ever think you would get to read two blog posts about porches back to back?

Apparently porches have become my life as of late, so you’ll have to suffer through reading about it. Look, it’s better than actually having to participate in the build of said porches. My butt is sore man! Wes decided to disregard my suggestions about building it in pieces and assembling it later, so instead we built the behemoth in entirety, then PICKED IT UP to load onto the trailer. Me and the sweet Asian neighbor (who likely felt bad for me) muscled that thing up while Wes pulled along the jack on which it was precariously perched. I was having visions of losing one of my toes (I have no idea why I choose to wear flip flops during our weekend construction projects).

But after all that work, we will now have a proper entrance into that little slice of paradise we call Rolling Thunder.

Steps pre-paint:

Steps after paint.

Wes's masterpiece in all it's glory:

Jocelyn's contribution (the beautiful paint job done in "Terra Cotta"):

We're thinking of getting some rocking chairs so we can sit out front and chew straw like real hillbillies. I'll probably have to get a banjo then too.

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