Thursday, March 10, 2011

How Was Everybody’s Weekend?

Does that seem like a strange question to ask on a Thursday? Perhaps, but this Tuesday and Wednesday was my “weekend” and I spent it up at the ranch working on the glorious Rolling Thunder. Does real estate and pain-in-the-ass rhyme? Cause it should.

Also, do you think we could submit this project to MTV to be included on an episode of Pimp My Ride? Because Rolling Thunder’s got tires, so it’s technically a vehicle. See:

Those are tires; tires that can be reattached on a moment’s notice.

We’ve been doing some major pimping too. On the trailer that is. I had the pleasure of painting The Thunder this weekend (read: yesterday). I painted the stairs (again) and did touch up around the windowsills and doors. There’s a problem with giving a girl who meticulously grooms her fingernails (with her teeth) painting duties. She ends up eating a lot of paint. That’s how I feel today: like I’ve eaten a lot of paint. Wes is tired because he basically did everything else we needed to do on the trailer: welding, assembling the sewer line (let’s hope he doesn’t groom his nails with his teeth like I do), building up the awning, roofing, nailing, caulking etc. He drove both ways as well.

This guy didn’t do diddly:

And these guys didn’t do anything either:

So if I seem a little discombobulated today, I blame it on the paint. I ate too much of it. But my fingernails look great!

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