Friday, March 25, 2011

My Airplane Baby

First things first: No, I am not pregnant. And no we are not trying to get pregnant. I know this is the second post this week about babies. Lo siento.

The inspiration for this illustration came from a conversation Wes and I had many moons ago. If you haven’t been able to tell already, Wes really likes airplanes. It’s a way of life for him. And we’re fortunate enough to going flying every now and then.

When the conversation about children and our future plans came up in the beginning of our relationship, I said I would like to have four children whereas Wes said he would like to have two. The conversation went like this:

W: Four kids! Do you know how expensive kids are?
J: Yes, but I would really like to have a big family. It’s important to me.
W: Well who’s going to pay for that?
J: You and I will make it work. That’s what happens when you have kids. Anyways, having a family will give you more worth than all the money in the world.
W: Seriously. Do you know how expensive kids are?
J: Well then we’ll make sacrifices.
W: Well I’ll agree to pay for two kids. That’s it. And if you want to have any more, you’ll have to pay for them yourself at a million bucks a kid. Because we’re going to have to buy a bigger airplane if you want any more than two kids, and I can’t afford that.

Pretty ridiculous conversation right? I know. But the conversation inspired the idea of My Airplane Baby. He’s the one that I’m going to work extra hard for (hopefully my ovaries won’t have dried up by then!), so that he (or she) can come hang out with us. Perhaps I will weave him into a story about an underdog, whose odds where never very good, but who triumphs after years of persistence and hard work. Who doesn’t love a story like that? Plus, there will be airplanes.

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