Friday, May 13, 2011

Mini Ranch Tour: Part 2

(I had originally posted this entry earlier in the week, but somehow it disappeared. Maybe I was right about breaking Blogger with all the photo uploads, but we shall try it again.)

Shall we continue our mini ranch tour? The whole family will be heading up there this week and next for an exciting party we've planned, so it's fitting that we finish this non-comprehensive tour. Spoiler alert! There are cows. Lots of cows.

Now that we've made it to the other side of the creek, we can see how far our little trip has taken us. Out there in the distance are the two main houses. That's where the food, water, and most importantly, the champagne is stored. It's important to know the distance between you and a cold bottle of champagne at all times.

As we continue alongside the river, we see the most numerous, fuzzy, furry, meaty, stinky residents of the ranch.

The cows!

Cows, cows, cows. Excuse me. I mean steers, steers, steers.

Actually, I think this bunch is a mix of cows and steers.

I thought this shot was funny. Two white cows hanging out by themselves. Most of the cows/steers/bovine creatures on the ranch are of a darker variety, so these two are a little unusual. I'm not sure they know what to do with themselves.

Ok, cows we're coming through. We've got a ranch tour to finish!

Beep beep!

Coming through!

Generally, you're supposed to slow down when you pass by a cow on the ranch. This is because (and I hate to break it to you) cows are not the smartest creatures. They've been known to run INTO oncoming traffic.

These fellas were smart and decided to run in the opposite direction.

That's good, because I would've been pissed if they knocked us off and I spilled my champagne.

Just kidding! I had already finished my champagne by then.

(Did you see how far we were away from the house? One glass doesn't last that long.)

Due to my increasing thirst, we decided to head back to the house.

And on our way, we passed by another typical sight you see when you're out tooling around the town. Farming!

So now you've gotten a mini, non-comprehensive tour of the ranch. And I hope you've been paying attention because we will now have a quiz.

What's the difference between this one:

(Looking good)

And this one:


If you know, then you're more than ranch ready.

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