Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mini Ranch Tour: Part I

This is by no means a comprehensive ranch tour. If I tried to take pictures of all the aspects of the ranch and upload them here on Blogger, I’d probably break the thing, and Google would give me a nasty call. So, in an effort to keep the photo overload to a minimum, I’m going to break this Mini Ranch Tour into two parts. Here’s the first part (highlights include crossing a creek!):

If you want to take a ranch tour, it’s best to find some wheels.

It also helps to have company.

I prefer to tour with these two hooligans. They're pretty good company.

If you're in the backseat, try not to notice the obvious things, like your fiancé's head blocking your view.

Look around and enjoy the natural things, like the cows,

the grass,

and the dirt. Ok, maybe this is not the most exciting part of the tour, but you have to look beyond the obvious and embrace the rawness of nature on the ranch. That is, of course, if you also consider cow poop to be part of "raw" nature. At least it's organic…

And look! We're topping out at 32 mph. Yeehaw!

You can also notice your shadow, like I did.

We're now approaching Bear Creek.

Doesn't the water look inviting?

How about we take a dip?

Pull your feet up! It's deep!

Or if you're like me, leave them down and wash off all the dirt and manure that's been accumulating on your flip flops.

It's a long way across on a 4-wheeler…


We made it!

Next up, Mini Ranch Tour: Part 2. I promise there will be more cows, grass and dirt!

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