Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ten Things to Do to Solve the Post-Wedding Blogging Blues

Keeping with my not-so-regular “Ten Things” feature on the blog, I have created a list which truthfully speaks to my state of mind as of late. Without further ado, here are Ten Things to Do to Solve the Post-Wedding Blogging Blues:

1) Write something.

2) Write anything.

3) Tell the world how your now husband, got so drunk at the pre-wedding, rehearsal dinner/Cowboy BBQ, that when the party was over, he ended up falling asleep on the trailer’s porch (I will never let him live it down… it’s too classic).

4) Tell the world that the frustration I experienced from realizing that my future husband was drunk, sleeping on the trailer’s porch, the night before the wedding (!), induced a hysterical crying fit and several “This is such a bad sign for our future together!” cries (I will never let myself live this down… it’s also too classic).

5) Report that “our future together” as newlyweds, at least during this last week, has been fabulous.

6) Also report, that due to the generosity of our friends and family, we have over 80 thank you notes to write. And I’ve done my half, so that means Wes has his weekend planned out for him.

7) Reflect on the fact that although I thought I could construct and render all the details of this wedding by myself, there is no way it would have happened if it weren’t for my amazing family and friends. They spent countless hours digging themselves out from under the myriad of last minute tasks I piled on top of them, and I will be forever grateful (especially because I made it through the weekend with my sanity intact).

8) Part of the insane, Bridezilla tasks I came up with the week before the wedding, was constructing a 14 bulb, paper lantern chandelier which would be hung over the dance floor. Note to self: creating such a large, illuminated light source in the middle of a cattle ranch will attract several things, one of which is BUGS. I think I swallowed about ten while I was violently jumping up and down to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

9) Feel lucky that your husband loves pop music (specifically Ke$ha and Katy Perry) more than any straight man should, which results in the best, impromptu dance parties.

10) And lastly, these have to be my two favorite photos (so far) from the weekend. Thanks PJ for helping capture the memories!

(Me and Cocoa at the rehearsal dinner/Cowboy BBQ)

(Pre-drunk-husband-sleeping-on-porch situation)
XOXO Jelly

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