Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Art of Making Wine

You don’t want a shiny new iPhone or a slick pair of boots for Christmas do you? You want something homemade, thoughtful and sentimental, right? Well you my friend might be in luck. It turns out these alcoholics not only consume but they CREATE their own beverages! Enter the Myers Annual Holiday Hooch.

You start with about 50 pounds of blackberries. Squeeze the life out of ‘em till your left with a smooth blackberry juice. Add tons of sugar, yeast and other wine making ingredients. Let it sit for a couple of months while the booze-making magic happens.

Our blackberry wine has been fermenting since August, which means it’s ready to drink just in time for Christmas! We spent Friday night in our winemaking workroom straining out the remaining particles in the wine.

The process requires a very dedicated vintner and two helpful sidekicks.
Sidekick #1: quality control. He takes his job very seriously.

Sidekick #2 (me): testing. I brought the little tasting glass you see next to the big 5 gallon container. But I guess when you're a top notch vintner, you don't need no stinking tasting glass.
Yum, doesn't that look good? And don’t let the charming purple color fool you. This stuff has a kick! It may have something to do with the air that got into the containers and make the fermentation process go berserk (we’re still figuring out how the airlocks work).

In any event, Holiday Hooch is guaranteed to warm your belly and put a smile on your face (and yes, that's a Lowe's plastic bucket. Just be glad it's not being made in a trash can like it has in year's prior. Now that stuff had a kick!)

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