Monday, December 6, 2010

Horses, and why Cocoa is trying to get me killed

As I mentioned in a previous post, a neighbor at the ranch breeds and trains Andalusian horses. Since I haven’t spent much time around horses, I always react with ooohs and aaahs whenever I see one. They are such beautiful creatures. Along with awe, I have a good sense of fear around horses. They are such beautiful and STRONG creatures.

As we were walking over to the neighbor’s house, the horses grazing in the field decided to pay us a visit. Most people stood their distance, considering there were babies in the group and mama horses are very protective of their babies, but a few brave souls decided to approach the horses. The opportunity was too tempting; I had to get closer and touch one of them.

“Wes, come with me. I’m scared, but I really want to touch one of the horses!” My childlike instincts were kicking in. I just had to touch one of those horsies!

Unfortunately, Wes wasn’t very interested in accompanying me and I didn’t want to get close enough so the horses could smell my fear. I’m not sure if it’s true, but I heard that horses can smell fear, and when they do, they try to take advantage of your weakness by bucking you off or kicking you. It’s probably irrational, but that’s what I was thinking. That’s what I was thinking when Cocoa decided to visit the horses.

Cocoa and the alpha mama horse did not hit it off very well. She needed to protect her babies.

I thought I was still a safe distance away when Cocoa decided to hit the road, except that he chose to escape IN MY DIRECTION with the mama horse in hot pursuit. Next thing I know, all the horses are advancing in my direction, the mama horse is trying to trample Cocoa, causing everyone to go into a frenzy, and I am loudly requesting for Wes to come save my hide. “Wes. Wes. They’re coming toward me. Please come here and get me. Please!”

All I could do was stand there frozen, thinking “Don’t let them smell your fear. Oh my gosh, this is scary! They can totally smell my fear. Oh no, you’re going to die! Don’t let them think you’re thinking you’re going to die. Damn, they totally know I think I’m going to die. Just don't let one of the babies come near me. No! Stay away baby! Don't come near me! Wes! Help!”

As soon as they came, they left. It was really sad. The horses were totally not interested in harming me, but I managed to get myself all worked up. I bet they heard my thoughts and concluded "Geez, this one's a nut job."

“You know Jocelyn, the next time you want to shoo the horses away, just wave your hands over your head. If you look big, the horses will stay away.”

Ya, maybe I’ll try that next time. Or maybe I’ll just stay away from the dog since he’s clearly trying to get me killed.

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