Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Unintended Consequences

It's been over three years since I graduated college. Meaning it's been over three years since I picked up a textbook. But now this lovely fellow has taken residence on our coffee table.

Apparently you have to study along with taking flying lessons (if you want to pass the exam).

In the beginning, I was all for this aspect of flight training. I would enthusiastically tell my other flying buddies (Wes, Mike and Tiff!) how I couldn’t wait to “devour the material in the books” so I could feel “really prepared and confident”.

Now I kinda believe what they told me: don’t worry about the reading; the actual flying part is where you’ll learn. Well Wes didn’t really say that. He thinks the reading is VERY important. And not only do I have one flying manual to read, I have two!

Do you think they would make good firewood? It's been cold here lately.

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