Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Chi is Off – A Poem

Criticism flies toward me like lint to a coat.
My father is an acquired taste that sometimes causes me to bloat.

Broken glass shatters my day.
Man how I hate ebay.

Typos traumatize my self-esteem.
Did I really think flying was spelled without the i, n, g?

Compared to my face, any pimply 13 year old looks like Sharon Stone.
I’m 25 with a bad case of hormones.

Katy Perry really puts me in a good mood.
Until a phone call interrupts; so rude.

Something morbid is floating in the air.
Cats should live forever; life isn't fair.

But at this time of night I can never be blue.
Because I’m right where I want to be: at home with you.

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