Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I hereby resolve to continue to be an imperfect human being. I shall accept that my left eyelid droops lower than my right eyelid due to years of squinting with my left when taking photos. I will discard the thought that plastic surgery could fix this deformity and give me a perfectly symmetrical face, because 1) I can’t afford it and 2) I’m too chicken to ever get any plastic surgery, oh and yes 3) Wes says no plastic surgery to the face (but he says I can get my boobs plumped to the size of watermelons if I want! What a nice guy!)

I hereby resolve to consider every day an adventure. Our trip to Mammoth wouldn’t have been the same if the power didn’t go out on a blizzardy night. Who needs electricity when you can have a romantic dinner by fire light? And shoveling snow is much more fun if you consider yourself a great explorer like Lewis and Clark; trekking your way through the unpredictable terrain of undiscovered America.

And lastly, I hereby resolve to take more photos and write more crazy stories about this imperfect adventure I'm on: life.

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