Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Couple Facts about Flying

1) It’s much faster than driving.

Driving up the I-5 on a Friday afternoon is not my favorite way to start the weekend.


2) One word: autopilot.

Sure it’s important to know how to fly the plane, you know, for those important parts like takeoffs and landings. But for the rest of the flight? Why would you if you can punch in some directions and the plane will fly itself.


3) Advances in aviation technology have made flying safer than ever.

This is one of the TWO display screens that make up the integrated flight instrument system in the cockpit. There’s even a nice flight attendant/computer person who comes on the speakers and yells things like “TRAFFIC! TRAFFIC! 10 O’CLOCK. LOW” and “TERRAIN! TERRAIN! PULL UP! PULL UP!” when we’re getting into sticky situations.

Oh, and the little plane in the picture is us. (Had you guessed?)


4) You can practically go anywhere you want.

Even to the moon! You’ll have to ask Richard Branson for a ride though. We don’t have a plane with that much power… yet.


5) Landing is the hardest part of flying.

And don’t let anybody try to tell you different.


6) You will feel an immense amount of pain at the pump.

Let’s see… $6.00 a gallon for Avgas, burning about 30 gallons an hour, on a 3 hour round trip flight… I JUST DIED.

I won’t be complaining about sitting in traffic anymore. Not at that rate.

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