Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dear World

It’s Wednesday. And since we’re reaching that time of the week where Friday seems so close but so far, I'm having trouble keeping my thoughts straight. And so, I’ve written a little note to the World:

Dear World,

I really love you. I do. But why do you have to be so complicated sometimes?

Why can’t I drive to work and not have worry about the sleeper cop that likes to gives tickets for going 40mph in a 35mph zone? Seriously, my truck hasn’t even shifted in third gear when I’m going 35mph. Therefore I’m burning more gas and subsequently destroying the ozone layer by doing so.

Why does making a mistake 3 YEARS AGO have to rule my life now? Should I be worried about that time I pooped in the bathtub when I was 2 years old and how that speaks about my self-control and hygiene now? Isn’t there such a thing as a Get-Out-of-Jail free card? (I guess I should also admit that I cheated in Monopoly when I was little, especially when it involved getting the Get-Out-of-Jail free card). I'm a bad, bad, person.

Why, World, are you so beautiful? Why are you so big? Why can’t you give everyone, what they need to live?

Ok, I got carried away with that last one. I needed something that rhymed.

I guess I should get back to work now...

Until next time!

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