Monday, April 25, 2011

Shackin Fixtures

The Sugar Shack’s in this phase where the changes do not produce the most compelling photos (there are only so many pictures of wood framing that I can take). But in an effort to document the process, I present you with some pictures of the electrical fixture installation.

Here is the entrance where a single fixture will hang. We’re going for a wow-that-fixture-is-so-cool-I-want-to-buy-the-house look. It will also be accompanied by two wall scones off to the left.

The kitchen will have recessed lighting as well as two pendant lights overhanging the island.

The dining room will have a centered chandelier and a couple of recessed lights along the south facing wall. Or maybe they’re can lights? I’ll have to check with my builder.

And to round it out, here’s the laundry room where the mac daddy of all electrical panels is set. Very, very nice.

I hear that drywall might be going up this week, so I promise I’ll have something more exciting to share soon! Although I’m getting pretty good at being a boring blogger. “And most boring blog of the year goes to…… The Jelly Logs!” I would be so honored.

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