Friday, April 1, 2011

Visions of a Shack

It donned on me that I haven’t shared any pictures of the remodel process that’s going on inside the house. I know porches and roofs and changes to the facade are thrilling, but what about the inside?

Well here’s a look at the living room and dining room areas in before and after.

The view from the front of living room before (the dining room area is off to the left):

And now:

It doesn't really look like much is different with these two examples, but notice the fireplace has changed and the shelves to the right of the fireplace are gone. A bar is going in where the shelves once were! Woohoo!

Now the dining room area before:

After a couple weeks of remodeling:
And the dining room area now:
The ceiling has been raised significantly and exterior wall has been pushed out to make the room more spacious. I think the raised ceiling is my favorite part of the remodel. It might be a little out of place considering the rest of the house, but it makes this room feel so large and inviting. I like that.
And until next time, thanks for stopping by the shack!

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