Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living with Thunder

This past weekend at the Ranch was the first time we stayed in Rolling Thunder, which is great, because that was the whole point of the exercise: to have a place that's our home away from home. We made a ceremonial shopping trip where bought all sorts of groceries to fill the cupboards and fridge. This was obviously overkill, considering that two people can only eat so much on a weekend trip, but it made the place feel a little more like home. We also moved in some furniture. I had the coveted job of killing all the spiders that had taken up residence under the dressers and tables, and let me tell you, there were a lot of them. I used 409 to finish off the stubborn buggers that were hiding in the cracks. I don't like spiders. They're freaky.

So would you like to see how the place is looking these days? Alright, let's take a tour.

As we enter through the front door you will be greeted by an empty living room. We still haven't figured out the couch situation. I suppose we could invite guests to share Cocoa's dog bed?

In the hallway we have a little bookshelf. Wes wanted a gun rack, but all the gun racks on the ranch are in use. Where do you think all these bad boys are stored:

Getting back on track...

Here's our lovely bathroom.

Our tiny bedroom.

Which is actually perfect, because who spends time in a bedroom when there's stuff to shoot and airplanes to fly outside? Not us that's who.

Here's a view of the living room which opens into the kitchen.

Two new furniture additions: a side table on which we can place all "our crap" as we like to call it, and a dining table where we can have meals. Again, only two chairs. Rolling Thunder isn't the most guest-friendly house yet.

And clearly the most awesome part of the pad is the kitchen.

We upgraded to a fridge that doesn't require a gate latch to keep closed. Confused? Well, our fridge in the Valley has a gate latch on it, but that's another story for another time.

Hope you've enjoyed the tour! We'll work on that whole guest-friendly aspect the next time we're there, so maybe ya'll have a place to sit.

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